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300 Rep Band Booty Circuit

This quick, intense band glute circuit is sure to get your booty blazing in no time at all. It's deceptively hard as by the time you finish you will blast through 300 booty-building reps. 

In this video I use the Mark Bell Hip Circle, but you can grab any mini band you have available. I am a huge fan of the hip circle because it provides a great amount of tension and is highly durable. I use them nearly every workout. 


Here is what you will do:


3 rounds, resting 1-2 minutes between each round

20 band fire hydrant each side
20 band quadruped hip extension each side
20 band glute bridge
20 band iso hold hip extension butterly 
20 band single leg glute bridge each side

Brace the core for a nice controlled movement. Focus on a neutral spine. Keep movement in hips/glutes. Contract hard and don't rely on momentum.




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