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Get Glutes Member Spotlight: Jon Phillips

Guys Need Glutes Too!

Women comprise the majority of our membership and many of these ladies try to convince their husbands to get in on the Get Glutes fun.  However, most guys shy away when it comes to training the glutes simply because it seems like stuff that chicks do.

"Not so", says long-time member Jon Phillips.  He is a graduate from Mississippi College with a Master’s in Exercise Science.  He spends his days brightening young minds as an adjunct professor, and his nights poring over research to improve his coaching skills.

Jon discovered Bret’s work as a budding college student and quickly adopted the new strength training methods taught by Bret. He soon wrote his own "scrawny to brawny" tale and began helping his own clients transform their physiques while building incredible strength.

Jon is a unique Get Glutes member because —well, he’s a dude who actually uses what we teach in the program for his own training—and he’s a coach who adapts our training style and philosophies to help his clients achieve optimal results. I sat down with Jon to chat it up about Get Glutes and how the program has helped him transform his own physique.




About Jon Phillips, MSc, CISSN, EP-C:

Jon is an Adjunct Professor at Mississippi and the founder of You can follow him on Facebook here. And just in case you want proof that he’s killing it in the gym, here are some of his best hip thrusts:





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