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Get Glutes Member Spotlight: Mariah McCullough

The Power of Community


Popcorn at the movies, a glass of wine, your latest heavy squat PR or personal weight loss victory. Everything in life is better when you have great friends and a supportive and loving community to share it with! Only you can decide for yourself to make your health a priority and take that all important first-step; but when you have the support a strong community can provide, you become un-stoppable.

Lifetime Member Mariah McCullough joined Get Glutes in early 2013 in instantly fell in love with our program. Her strength soared and when combined with a new approach to her nutrition, her physique began to transform as well.

But as so many have experienced, it was difficult to shed the negative body image and embarrassment of past struggle. Upon suggestion from her best friend, Mariah decided to stop simply browsing the forum and share her story with the Get Glutes community and coaches, who were both moved and inspired by her incredible journey. She found the outpouring of love and support to be both healing and motivating.

As with many of our members, the transformation Mariah was undergoing was more than a physical change. She soon channeled her experiences, strengths and talents into helping others achieve their health and fitness goals.  In this Member Spotlight, Coach Kellie visits with Mariah about her amazing story and delves deeper into her transformation and what she's been up to since her testimonial.  

You can check out Mariah’s full back story HERE to learn more about her jaw-dropping transformation!

Mariah's Transformation


You can find out more about Mariah:

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