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Alternative to Reverse Hypers

The reverse hyper is an excellent exercise to increase strength and explosiveness. It’s an excellent assistance exercise to build up the posterior chain. The reverse hyper machine isn’t widely available in many gyms, so this is a great alternative. The higher the bench the better as you can increase your range of motion.

Add bands to increase tension or just go with your own bodyweight.

  • Place one end of a band under your flat bench and the other mid-foot on both feet.

  • Scoot your hips so the bench is nestled right in the joint and hold on tight.

  • If your bench is light, place weight or another human on the other end.

  • Fix the band under the bench and thread your feet through it, placing the band midfoot.

  • Extend the legs and raise the feet to the ceiling, focusing the tension in the glutes. You really want to feel your glutes do all the pulling work.

  • Lower down in a controlled manner and repeat.



Try 3 sets of 10 at the end of your next workout and let us know what you think.


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