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Purchase The X Band Booty Bands Set

The X Band booty band set is currently out of stock at Fit Thrive but you can still grab one here:

Tired of mini resistance bands that snap in half after a few workouts? We were, too. That's why when we spotted The X Bands Booty Band set at a fitness trade show last year we jumped on board.

These thick, durable 12" mini exercise bands are perfect for growing that luscious booty. We love them so much they are seen in nearly all our Instagram butt workout posts.

Don't short another workout routine due to bad mini bands. Get your set of Booty Bands today.

Resistance level is from 15 -80 Lbs of resistance:

Yellow 15lbs

red 30lbs

Orange 45lbs

Purple 60lbs

Blue 80lbs


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