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Stronger Glutes Challenge Day 1

Thank you so much for joining the Fit Thrive Stronger Glutes Challenge! 

This means you take your bum very seriously. That's a good quality to have. You are born ready to take on new challenges. To try new things.

Hey, I bet on a dare you'd slurp down a baby squid whole. 

I like that about you. 

But don't worry. No squids are harmed in the making of your glorious glutes. Nothing weird is asked of you. Ok. So some exercises might seem weird. It's all in good fun. And in the name of a bodacious behind. 

Basically from here forward we are entering a pact. You and me. We are in this together. 

Each day for ten days you will receive a new video with a quick bodyweight glutes workout. Plunked right in your email inbox.

If you have gmail, please please please add to your contacts so my bright eyes and bushy tail show up in your inbox rather than your promotions. This challenge requires no equipment and each workout will take less than ten minutes. You can add them to your existing workout for that day or do them any time you feel like it.

(Though I recommend not doing them in the shower. Not that I've tried...)

The great thing about glutes is they recover quickly. So short, intense workouts will go a long way when it comes to strengthening your booty.

There is one caveat: watch the videos closely and ensure you are using good technique. It’s easy to cheat bodyweight exercises. There is a huge difference between going through the motion and engaging your body from head to toe.I always tell my clients, if it’s easy you’re not doing it right. This is true for everything from a simple crunch to a heavy barbell squat.

Getting your technique and form down on simple exercises sets you up for great success when you want to challenge your body even more.

All right, let’s do this thing!

Here is your first workout of the challenge:

 1a. Bodyweight glute bridge half pulse 3x20

1b. Side lying clamshell 3x15

1c. Plank with hip extension 3x10 each side

 Click HERE for your printable workout log! 


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