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Full Body Bench Blast

Grab your nearest bench or foot stool and dive into this full body blast with me. This workout takes less than 20 minutes and is sure to have your heart pumping faster.

Perform the exercises in pairs, completing 1 set of 1a. and 1b. without rest. Take a quick break and repeat. Do the same for all 3 sets, and then use the same pattern for 2a. and 2b.

Full Body Bench Blast

1a. Incline push-up: 3x10

1b. incline mountain climber: 3x10 each

2a. Lateral step-up: 3x10 each

2b. Knee hug glute bridge: 3x10 each


Workout Tips:

Incline push-up: Think of your push-ups like planks. Keep alignment from head to toe, bracing the core, glutes, and firing the quads. Track the elbows behind the body like an arrowhead. Push up through the shoulder blades in top position.

Incline mountain climber: This isn’t a fast paced mountain climber like you see in cardio workouts. Keep your core braced and use fluid, controlled movement during the exercise. You want your core firing on all cylinders.

Lateral step-up: This one is a balancing act. Control the movement on the way down and avoid crashing to the floor. Feel free to reset your position after every rep if you feel unbalanced.

Knee hug glute bridge: Your range of motion may vary depending on the mobility of your hips. Try to keep the knee hugged as close to your chest as you can. You may also feel differences between your right and left side. All of this is ok and something to work on over time.

Have fun and let me know what you think!

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