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Keeley's Story: A Transformation Beyond Physical Changes

Greetings! My name is Keeley, I am a 44-year-old wife and mom, and I began my Get Glutes journey in September of 2013. I'm so honored I was asked to share my story! I truly can't say enough good things about the program. This may be an unusual testimonial in that it does not include fabulous before-and-after photos. It's true that I have seen very positive physique changes. But the best results, the changes I am most excited about sharing with you, are not actually physical at all.

Keeley Story

When I joined Get Glutes, I was looking for coaching guidance and a well-rounded strength training program. I had been trying to work out regularly for years but my progress was stalled, I was bored with my routine, and all I could see were my flaws. It seemed to me that exercise was more to be endured than enjoyed, unless you were lucky enough to be naturally athletic and energetic. I have never been athletic in any sense of the word! My endurance has always been awful (and worsened by allergies and asthma), and strength gains, muscle growth, and lower body fat loss are all slow for me. It didn't take long to discover what a gem I had found in Get Glutes.

Not only is it a complete strength progression and physique-building program with fun new routines to learn every month, but the online forum of like-minded people provides priceless feedback and education from caring, patient, funny, and extremely knowledgeable coaches and members. Coach Kellie Davis personally watches the form check videos you choose to upload, and they help you progress each exercise in the safest way for your body and your goals. They are so generous and genuine- they have absolutely none of the "ego issues" you may have experienced with other trainers. They want for you to succeed, and it shows in every interaction. After a few months of faithfully following my Get Glutes strength workouts and regularly reading in the forum to learn all I could, I realized this was becoming much more than just an exercise program to me. The most amazing thing was happening- a shift in my thinking from what I could GET (physique), which too often left me feeling down on myself for not seeing all the changes as quickly as I wanted, to a new appreciation for what I could DO (strength) instead.

The workout logs kept by other women on the board had proved that amazing strength was actually possible to reach, and with their encouragement I slowly began meeting my own challenging goals. This was incredibly empowering in so many unexpected ways. Did you know you have an inner badass who longs to show you what she can do? She's in there, you'll love her. Her presence is addictive. Besides changing my physical shape and my mental perspective, learning safe and effective strength training progression with Get Glutes has improved my movement patterns, posture, range of motion, and muscle awareness in everyday life. But the best part is truly the aforementioned non-physical benefits.

Exercise actually becomes fun when it is "training," which is meeting and surpassing goals, rather than simply burning calories with nothing more to show for all your effort. There's no need to punish myself with running or other workouts I don't enjoy; exercise is no longer a chore. I train to be strong. I train to be confident. I train to feel competent. I train to see what I'm capable of. I train to be happy! I love how it feels to make a heavy lift, it is so much more than a physical test. My confidence, patience, persistence, courage, and appreciation have also been tested and grown. This is a healthy hobby I share with not only my forum friends, but also my three sons. It is sweetly bonding to have such an unexpected interest in common with my boys. And there's no compliment quite like a teenager saying sincerely, "Mom, you're so vascular!" I've come to really enjoy contributing to the Get Glutes forum by helping members connect with the information they are looking for.

There's always so much more to learn and share! I can't seem to get enough. I've made amazing friends in this incredibly supportive community. We have members of all ages and all levels of experience, and it is so fun and inspiring to celebrate each other's personal records and accomplishments. When many people are watching their favorite TV shows in the evening, I'm likely to be found on the forum catching up on new posts, watching exercise videos, or reading articles about the lifts I am working on. I love that this is a life-long process with no rush to a finish. We can keep improving and changing and growing to stay healthy, capable, strong, and mobile for as long as we possibly can. And- last, but certainly not least- I can now eat more happily to fuel my workouts, instead of feeling miserable about my options. It is such a better place to be! If you happen to see an enthusiastic "GG4L" posted on the forum, this stands for "Get Glutes for life". I for one am planning on it! Hope to see you there :-)

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