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Lower Body Dumbbell Blast Workout

Got a dumbbell? Good! Grab it and let's get going. This single dumbbell lower body circuit will rock your quads and glutes. If you're short on dumbbells, a kettlebell or anything else with weight will work (dog, child, potted plant). And if all else fails, doing this one with just your bodyweight will still be an excellent workout!

Lower Body Dumbbell Blast

 1a. Unilateral load split squat: 3x10 each side

1b. Split stance RDL: 3x8

1c. Goblet squat: 3x10

1d. Single leg glute bridge: 3x5 each side


Unilateral load split squat: keep legs staggered with a stance about 2 foot lengths apart. Squeeze the glute throughout the exercise.

Split stance RDL: this is a close split stance. Track the weight down the front quad, keeping your shin perpendicular to the floor.

Goblet squat: Think about sitting in a bowl directly beneath you. Bend at the knees and hips at the same time. If you fold forward, try placing a block under your heels.

Single leg glute bridge: This is a more advanced exercise. If your low back hurts, place both feet on the ground and go for standard glute bridge. Keep your hips aligned and press up through both sides toward the ceiling.


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