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Get Glutes Member Spotlight: Naomi Sandoval


Coach Kellie & Naomi - March 2016


You discovered your love for fitness and strength training in college. Tell us a bit how your journey has evolved through the years.

In college, I discovered weights and have loved lifting ever since. In my early 20s, I discovered white water canoeing. That's the first sport I'd ever done. Learning to learn for a formerly sedentary completely uncoordinated child was a big deal. I worked very hard to overcome fear and become a solid paddler in my 20s and early 30s, using weight lifting to support this goal. I tried a few other sports like mountain biking, snowboarding and skiing, but didn't really excel at any, no matter how hard I tried.

Once I became a mom, I gave up adventure sports entirely and getting to the gym was a series of comebacks. After the birth of my second daughter, I stopped trying. I put on about 35 pounds very suddenly and got into a rut.

Enough was just enough after a few years of this. I joined a gym and worked out like crazy for a year. I consider that a year of flailing. I did manage to lose 10 pounds but I didn't look any better. I was ready to get my old body back, and then some: I still aspired to look amazing.

I finally found the path and began doing all the right things in 2010. After that, progress was consistent and I learned how to maintain while still living a somewhat sedentary lifestyle and finding time for family.


 Left: Naomi before  Right: Training with Get Glutes


What were some of the biggest eye-opening moments for you along this journey?

The absolute biggest “ah hah” moment for me was I was going to log my food and it was not going to give me an eating disorder to do so; that calorie counting was not just for anorexic girls. That the people whose bodies I most admired put in this work on a regular basis. They practiced restraint and learned to have fun within reasonable constraints. And mostly, that those constraints varied person to person.


Did you face any setbacks?

Once I got a handle on my metabolic needs, I was able to back off tracking. I did experience minor setbacks, at which time I went back to counting and realized where I was going wrong and got back on track. I've since abandoned calorie counting. However, I experienced a series of health issues in the form of injuries and severe bouts with illnesses that set me back months each time. I've always considered myself very aware of my health but in the last few years, I've worked harder than ever and am finally getting some answers and taking control of what I need to do to stay optimal.


Fitness is a huge influencer to you as a mother. How do you enjoy fitness with your family?

This has been a huge victory for me. My whole family has a tendency to melt into the couch. I had strong hopes that if I set the tone, everyone would follow. I'm very proud to say that this has indeed been the case! My husband did his own successful transformation and my teenage daughter has taken full responsibility for her fitness and body. She has been lifting weights with me for over 3 years and while she enjoys it and the benefits, I think she has yet to find the sport that lights her up. My eleven-year-old is a competitive rock climber and before that, she was a competitive gymnast. As someone who was never an athlete, I'm excited to see all the beneficial effects that sport has on becoming an emotionally mature person. I'm still learning to learn, as are my kids.

That said, I'd like to use the years we still have together to create more active adventures. Doing physical activities together is the most bonding and memory creating thing imaginable!


 Play is a huge part of Naomi and her family's life


What are some of your proudest moments since you began the Get Glutes programming?

I'm super proud of the fact that my husband can now squat properly. He was so resistant when I delivered the blow that his squats were really quarter squats and he was initially unwilling to humble himself and start at the beginning. I'm proud he's taken his glute training into his own hands and has made it a priority! I'm also proud of my older daughter who can lift gracefully with gorgeous form and how she takes pride in her shape. I'm thrilled to finally have a well-shaped butt and to have drastically improved form on all the big lifts.

But my proudest achievement is that I now consider myself an athlete. I've finally learned how to learn and I thrive on it.


After strength training


And now, a fun question - what's in your gym bag?

These are "gym bag worthy", but not everything is in there at once. It would be too heavy and just doesn't all fit! Plus, who has time and energy to do All The Things?

A I'm using a nifty canvas backpack with laces on the side and straps on the bottom. The biggest drawback is it only has one internal pocket which fits a cell phone so I need to have storage bags inside or risk losing precious things!

B squat sponge for hip thrusts and glute bridges - straps to the bottom of backpack. Doubles as tripod!

C rock climbing chalk bag clipped to side

D invisible chalk ball for heavy deadlifts or monkey bars - lives inside the chalk bag

E liquid chalk - my newest acquisition - jury still out. Plan to try with the chalk ball. My calluses still hurt with this alone.

F workout notebook for tracking weights used each week and the workouts, cues, extras, notes, hot tips on websites to check out from other gym goers (tutorials, brand of leggings or socks to check out)

G kettlebell wrist guards - needed to learn to snatch and now useful for any heavy overhead KB work

H lifting straps. I honestly forget why these are back in my bag but it will come to me.

I knee wraps for days squats bother my knees. Got this tip from an Oly coach and it really helps

J lifting belt for max effort squats and deads. Surprisingly heavy and bulky.

K Under Armour top for warmups on chilly days. I overheat so there's always extra clothing abandoned in there

L grippy socks for "barefoot" squats and deads or for headstand/handstand play so I don't scuff the wall

M hand wraps for speed bag play

N phone for filming form check videos

O thicker band for band hip thrusts

P ab wheel

Q plate mates for when the jump in dumbbell or plate weights is too large

R wrist weights for when the plate mates won't attach

S hip circles for All The Cool Band Glute Exercises

T thinner bands for chin-ups - can use any one individually or combine them to eek out more reps


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