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2 Core Strengthening Pallof Deadbug Variations

The dead bug exercise is so versatile that it complements the novice to the advanced workout routine. The key to the dead bug, regardless of the level, is bracing. If you tend to go into hyper extension then exhale hard as you extend the arms and legs to draw the abdomen into the spine. Only lower the limbs as far as they will go before you lose core bracing. Over time as you grow stronger and more stable your limbs will extend farther toward the floor.  

If you are new to deadbugs, check out the detailed tutorial HERE before progressing to the intermediate variations below. 

Band Pallof Press Hold with Overhead Reach

This intermediate level dead bug incorporates a band Pallof press hold with overhead reach.

Band Pallof Press with Ankle Weights

This is the heavy weight contender of dead bugs, with added ankle weights. As you can see in the video, I begin the movement with ankle weights first and then add back in the band. This helps create a safe and proper movement pattern.


Do you have your own personal favorite variation?  I'd love to hear about it!  

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