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Resistance Band Combo To Round Out Your Back Workout

Time is of the essence when you live a busy life, and combo exercise are great time savers. This resistance band back exercise superset is a great way to finish your upper body workout. Here I've anchored my red 41" loop band over the squat rack. You can also use bands with handles and a door anchor of you exercise in your home. 

Try 3 sets of 8-10 reps each exercise. 

Straight arm pull down tips: Focus on hinging back in the hips, sitting your hips toward the wall, rather than leaning forward. Keep a neutral spine and braced core. Use your serratus anterior and lat muscles to initiate the movement. Don't focus on moving your arms, but using the muscles behind your armpits and under your shoulder blades to pull the arms down. 

Low position face pull tips: Use the same tips as above. However, the only difference is you are flexing the elbow to row them behind the body. Don't focus on pulling with your arms, but using your back muscles to move your elbow behind your shoulders. 


Resistance Band Back Combo from Kellie Davis on Vimeo.

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