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Interview with Sarah E. Duvall: Pelvic Floor Health, Diastasis Recti, and More

I'm crazy excited to share this interview with you! Sarah E. Duvall is an ortho-physical therapist located in Boston who helps women take charge of their health so they can live pain free and without worries about their pelvic floor. She is also the founder of Core Exercise Solutions, where she offers online programs and advice to women seeking optimal health and wellness.

She is passionate about her work and this passion shines through in our discussion. I learned a ton from Sarah and felt a spark of excitement as we got going in this conversation.

We dig deep into talks about pelvic floor health, including pelvic prolaspe and overactive pelvic floor muscles. We also discuss the ins and outs of diastasis recti, who has it, why they get it, and more. Plus, other fun topics like proper breathing and bracing during pregnancy and lifting in general.

Sarah is one of the few physcial therapists out there who offers an online program to help you get to know your pelvic floor better so you can get to the root of your potential issues without the frustration of countless doctor's visits with no resolve. Her program isn't the answer to solving the riddle so you don't have to seek medical attention. But it helps to shed light on what could be going on so you can find the right physicians and ask the right questions.


You can learn more about Sarah on her website or via social media:

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