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Squat to Stand Drill

The squat to stand drill is a simple and effective way to work on improving your squat pattern. Do these as part of your warm-up routine or daily mobility work.

  • Stand with feet in their natural squat position.

  • Bend forward to grab the toes on each side.

  • Sit down between the knees into a deep squat, pressing the knees out with the elbows while keeping the ribs down and the chest up.

  • As you come up, drive the hips upward toward the ceiling as the knees straighten. Drop the head down.



Initially, you may feel limited in your mobility flexibility. This is perfectly normal. It may be easier to stand in bottom position and raise up from the squat. Extend the legs as comfortably as possible without putting too much stress on the hamstrings. As you lower into bottom position, focus on getting the chest up and maintain a neutral spine. You may experience some upper back rounding at first. Over time, your form will improve if you consistently work on this drill.


Recommendations: perform 2 rounds of 10 before each lower body or full body workout.

Try this out and let us know what you think.


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