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Stability Ball Glutes and Core Burner

Get out your stability ball and have fun with me! This quick workout takes less than 20 minutes and targets your glutes and core for an intense workout.

Perform the exercises in pairs, completing 1 set of 1a. and 1b. without rest. Take a quick break and repeat. Do the same for all 3 sets, and then use the same pattern for 2a. and 2b.

Stability Glutes and Core Burner

1a. Stability leg curl with abduction: 3x10

1b. Stability ball glute bridge: 3x10

2a. Stability ball jack knife: 3x10

2b. Stability toe tap: 3x10

Workout Tips:

Stability ball leg curl with abduction: keep your hips up and glutes fired throughout the exercise. As you pull the ball toward your glutes with your heel, allow the feet to come together and knees to push out. This hits the muscles on your outer glutes.

Stability ball glute bridge: Finish up your leg curls and keep the hips up. Focus on keeping tension on the glutes throughout this exercise and avoid pressing the hips too high as this can cause pain in the low back.

Stability ball jack knife: Control the ball throughout this exercise. Go into a solid plank position when the legs are extended and don’t let the hips drop.

Stability ball toe tap: This exercise is all about control. If you need to slow it down, try placing both feet on the ball in between taps.

Have fun with this one. You will find it surprisingly challenging.

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