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Get Glutes Member Spotlight: Tara Johnston

Tara's Beautiful Journey


Tara Johnston is a Lifetime Get Glutes member who not only transformed her body, but also her mindset and her career. Seven years ago she signed up with a personal trainer at her local gym hoping to find a way to lose weight while still eating whatever she wanted.

She learned very quickly that her time in the gym wasn't going to make up for poor food choices, so she began incrementally changing her daily eating and lifestyle habits for the better. Tara joined our Get Glutes family over two years ago and since then has graced the stage in two bikini competitions, completed both the NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification and the Precision Nutrition 1 certification, and began a career helping others achieve their goals through better health habits.

Tara has inspired so many of our members with her story and has always been an integral part of the support system within our community. We sat down with Tara to chat about her journey and her plans for the future.


From left to right: Beginning of fitness journey, beginning Get Glutes (front & back), start of first bikini prep

Second row, from left to right: First bikini competition, beginning of prep for second bikini competition, stage photo at second bikini competition, today


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