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Our members really rock when it comes to transforming both inside and out. Here are just a few stories told about the experiences we see in our online community. 


Because I Decided

Mariah Transformation

The most valuable aspect of the site for me is the community support. Get Glutes is the first place I publicly shared about my weight-loss journey. One night I sat down and wrote about it. It was incredibly healing to finally be honest about my struggle and to no longer feel embarrassed by it. The amount of love and support that the Get Glutes members and coaches showed me was overwhelming.

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Meet Misti: Our Resident Ultrarunning Badass


I started Get Glutes with the sole intention of getting strong enough and balanced enough to heal my (then) current injuries and prevent future ones. I started Get Glutes so that I could keep running. I had no idea that I would become enamored with strength training and compelled to explore so many related and varied rabbit holes of nutrition and health and aging and more.

I also had no idea I would find myself in a community of incredible women whom I have grown to appreciate deeply for all kinds of different reasons. Yet I don’t want to overlook or underemphasize that the Get Glutes program has served me in exactly the ways I initially hoped it would: I have not had a significant running-related injury—or any chronic pain conditions—since starting the program.

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Therese's Story

Hearing about getting strong and eating well to fuel that strength was just the message I needed. I signed up for a lifetime Get Glutes membership the same day I left to go to my first figure competition. I was so thin and tired of the calorie restriction and overdone cardio. I enjoyed the competition, but quickly implemented this new found approach.

By following Get Glutes, I am so much stronger, and I can enjoy eating. That’s a big deal in South Louisiana. Our culture is all about the food. I have learned to eat well and reclaimed a faster metabolism. My booty has filled back out and I am stronger than I ever felt in my thirties.

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Marisa's Incredible Transformation

...I am not entirely sure when I discovered my love for fitness. It’s almost as if I were just born with it. When I was 4 or 5 my mom enrolled me in tap, gymnastics, and ballet. I ended up sticking with ballet through the 8th grade, then picked it back up recreationally in college. I remember my mom taking me to her jazzercise and aerobics classes and I refused to sit in the baby sitting room, so she would let me take the classes with her. I remember loving those classes so much. In middle school I did track and high school I was on the drill team. It was a runner in my 20's, but severely injured my hip, so I had to take up other things like biking, pilates and yoga. While I was pregnant with my third son I started doing Body Pump at home. I got a small barbell and some weights and just loved the burn of the weight, but being pregnant couldn’t really lift any too heavy.

It was after he was born that I was waiting at the bus stop for my kiddos and saw a video by Bret on Facebook. I think one of my friends liked a video of his and I thought he was cute so I looked at it. (LOL) At the time, I had no idea where in the world that one video would lead me. It was ultimately to Get Glutes, which is my favorite program in the world!

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Annie Fields: Fit and Strong at Any Age


After I finished the Strong Curves beginner program, I checked into Get Glutes. That was the first time I had heard of on-line training programs. What a fabulous way to use the Internet! I joined in November 2014 and became a lifetime member about 6 months later. I love everything about Get Glutes – the programming that is never boring, the coach, the other members and the results!

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Meet Melanie Testa: Artist and Body Positivity Advocate



photo credit: Nomi Ellison

My entry into working with Get Glutes programming came through Marianne Kane and kettlebell training through her online service. Marianne helped me with form while I rebuilt strength and confidence after treatment was complete. Marianne introduced me to Kellie and the Fit Thrive/Get Glutes community.

I must admit, at first, I was a bit intimidated, thinking I had landed myself in the midst of competitive bikini models and me, with no breasts! But I must say, this was not the case. I rely on and can’t live without this group! I check in daily. I celebrate each person's success. I read Kellie’s articles with excitement, and I find love and care in this community of strong, strong women.

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Creating Memories Through Fitness & Adventure


I finally found the path and began doing all the right things in 2010. After that, progress was consistent and I learned how to maintain while still living a somewhat sedentary lifestyle and finding time for family. This has been a huge victory for me. My whole family has a tendency to melt into the couch. I had strong hopes that if I set the tone, everyone would follow. I'm very proud to say that this has indeed been the case! 

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 From Beginner to Thriving Fitness Brand

After been so disappointed and coming across Get Glutes I decided it was time to take my journey in another direction. I signed up for Get Glutes.....Once I gave up the classes and started lifting more and more my mindset changed. I felt like a beast walking from the locker room to the gym. I became more and more confident. I found my stomach would be doing back flips with excitement waiting to get my workouts each month. I wanted to see where I was going to be taking my body next.

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From Strong Curves to Get Glutes

I found I could easily complete both the Strong Curves and Get Glutes programs with a bench, stability ball, barbell with plates, dumbbells, aerobics bench, bands/tubes and pull-up tower. Getting my workout done by 6 a.m. on weekdays was another challenge - but if you want results bad enough, you'll find time to make it happen. I was always busy once I got home from work so I knew morning workouts were a must.... I love Get Glutes for the strength training as well as the challenging, yet fun, conditioning days.

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Tara's Beautiful Journey 

Tara joined our Get Glutes family over two years ago and since then has graced the stage in two bikini competitions, completed both the NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification and the Precision Nutrition 1 certification, and began a career helping others achieve their goals through better health habits.

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Mother of Five, Strong as Ever

Shelley Transformation

I can now hip thrust and glute bridge into the 300’s. I can do 4-5 chin-ups, 10-15 feet elevated push-ups, weighted push-ups. Due to a previous back injury I never thought I would deadlift more than my body weight. I just pulled 175 the other day without aggravating my back at all.

I think I have also finally achieved balance in terms of health and fitness. Previously, working out (i.e. cardio) was something that I felt like I had to do to avoid getting fat. Now I don’t even worry about my weight and I love my workouts. It’s been very liberating.

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The Best Results Are More Than Physical Changes

Keeley Transformation

Not only is it a complete strength progression and physique-building program with fun new routines to learn every month, but the online forum of like-minded people provides priceless feedback and education from caring, patient, funny, and extremely knowledgeable coaches and members. Bret and Kellie personally watch the form check videos you choose to upload, and they help you progress each exercise in the safest way for your body and your goals. They are so generous and genuine- they have absolutely none of the "ego issues" you may have experienced with other trainers. They want for you to succeed, and it shows in every interaction.

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Get Glutes Changed The Way I Think About Exercise

Nearly 2 years later, my butt is much more perky, my legs haven’t gotten any bigger, and my lower body is much leaner and more firm! Never in a million years would I have believed that my lower body would respond to heavy lifting by getting tighter and sleeker. I love the way I look, and I’ve learned that I LOVE lifting lower body! I am so glad I gave Get Glutes a shot!

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Kristen’s Transformation

Kristen Transformation

Get Glutes style workouts will give you the body you only dreamed conditioning would give you – because conditioning won’t give you that coveted curvaceous, “toned” look, and it definitely won’t give you a sweet butt. You need muscle for that and you need to be strong.

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What are you waiting for? This story could be your own when you join us at Get Glutes. Sign up for our free trial today and see what we are all about. 

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