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7 Slimming Core Exercises To Try

Do you ever dread the core component of your workout routine?  Don't let boring sit-ups and crunches put a stale end to your workouts.  

Here are a few ideas to help keep your core workouts feeling so fresh and so clean clean.


Sliding Pike


Sliding pike is a great introduction to handstands and also a killer core exercise. Start in a strong plank position with a hollow hold and exhale as you contract the abdominal a to move your feet toward your hands.

Sliding Frog Squat

This variation does double duty with added deep squat mobility work.

Sliding Plank Abduction

Start in a strong plank position on elbow and contract your abdominals and glutes hard and abduct each leg to the side then return to starting position. Only go as far as you can comfortably. A little more advanced? Try it with both legs but be warned - this variation is not for the faint of heart!

Sliding Plank with Straight Leg Abduction

This is an extended variation of the Sliding Plank Abduction.

Side Plank with Abduction & Clamshell

If side plank bothers your elbow or shoulder, try the reverse side plank. Heck, try it anyway. It's one of my favorite variations.

Here I demonstrate the reverse side plank, reverse side plank with abduction, and reverse side plank with clamshell- which turned out far less graceful than I imagined it to be.

Supine Straight Leg Abduction with Ankle Weights

In all my Jane Fonda Glory: Here I am using 5lb ankle weights working on supine straight leg hip abduction. This not only helps strengthen the core and hip flexors, but is also a great addition to flexibility work when moving into middle splits.

If you are new to this training start with bodyweight. Add light ankle weights after a week or two and you can eventually work up to heavier ones. Tread lightly as this can get pretty intense.

Bear Crawl

I'm finishing off this list with my my go-to for a quick, efficient movement. When you get them right, they fire up the core like crazy.

A good practice is to push up through the shoulder blades and hollow the abdomen, drawing it toward the spine. Hold this position throughout the exercise, keeping short, tight movements rather than allowing the butt to drift up and elongating your stride. Here I slowed down the movement so you can see how the core is braced. I usually go at a quicker pace, revving it up for metabolic efficiency.


See? No need to dread your end of workout core work. Try incorporating some of these into your workouts and let me know what you think!

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